Does your Co-Worker Know What you’re Doing? Convergence of Self- and Peer-Reports of Counter Productive Work Behavior

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counterproductive work behavior (CWB); report convergence; job stress; workplace emotions; self report; peer report

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Most studies of counterproductive work behavior (CWB) are criticized for overreliance on self-report methodology. This study tested the convergence of 136 matched self-reports and coworker-reports of work stressors and CWB. For each participant dyad, the focal employee ("incumbent") completed a self-report survey and gave a coworker form to a peer familiar with the incumbent's work situation and behavior. Correlations and t tests demonstrated significant convergence between incumbent and coworker reports of key study variables, except organization-targeted CWB. Separately, both incumbent and coworker reports supported the Stressor-Emotion CWB model. In mixed-source analyses, only interpersonal relationships were significant--conflict and CWB targeting persons. Weaknesses in each report source are discussed, and multisourced triangulation to cover perceptual, experiential, and behavioral domains is recommended.

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International Journal of Stress Management, v. 14, issue 1, p. 41-60