A Cross-National Comparative Study of Work/Family Demands and Resources

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Cross cultural, Managers, Resources, Support, Work-family conflict

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This article presents phase 2 of the Collaborative International Study of Managerial Stress (CISMS2) with the objective of studying cross culturally/cross-nationally potential causes and consequences of work-family conflict. This collaborative international study contributes to the existing literature on work and family by adding a different theoretical perspective (interaction between demands and resources, and resource loss), following the thinking of Grandey and Cropanzano, focusing on a specific collective (managers), and testing both universalistic and cross cultural hypotheses in a large sample taken from 25 countries in different continents, representing different socio-cultural contexts. It will explore cross cultural/cross-national issues in a comparative sense, looking at how family and societal differences relate to work-family conflict. More specifically we expect that individualism/collectivism and the presence of family-supportive government policies will moderate relationships between demands, resources and work-family conflict.

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International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, v. 3, issue 3, p. 275-288