A Cross-Level Investigation of the Relationship Between Career Management Practices and Career-Related Attitudes

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Careers, Career management, Career attitudes, Strategic human resource management

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The relationship between an organization’s use of various career management practices and career attitudes was examined in a multisource, cross-level field study using organization-level data from 65 companies and individual-leveldata from 1,876 employees. A bundle approach was used to categorize 16 career management practices into clusters. As expected, the career management bundle associated with future strategic planning was positively related to satisfaction with the promotion process and negatively related to perceptions of job content plateauing. Consistent with research on strategic human resource management, significant interactions were found between some of the career management bundles in predicting satisfaction with the promotion process. A significant interaction was also found between the career management bundle of future strategic planning and sex, in terms of predicting satisfaction with the promotion process. Implications for theory and applied research are discussed.

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Group and Organization Management, v. 30, No. 6, p. 565-596