Further Examination of the Link Between Work-Family Conflict and Physical Health: The Role of Health-Related Behaviors

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Work-family conflict, Health behavior, Exercise, Dietary habits

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Although research consistently finds a relationship between work-family conflict and employee health, the role of health-related behaviors such as diet and exercise have been overlooked. The present research examines the links between both directions of workfamily conflict—family interference withwork (FIW) andwork interference with family (WIF)—with several health-related behaviors (physical activity, fatty food consumption, and healthy food consumption) and with multiple indicators of physical health (overall health, health disorders, and body mass). Based on a sample of 246 employed individuals, path analysis demonstrates that FIW was associated with less physical activity and with eating more high fat foods. In addition, WIF was associated with eating fewer healthy foods. Fatty food consumption related to body mass and overall health, whereas physical activity related to overall health and health disorders. The findings represent an initial step toward a better understanding of the process linkingwork-family conflict with employee physical health.

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American Behavior Scientist, v.49, issue 9, p. 1204-1221