PEARL II: Portable Laboratory Computer System for Psychophysiological Assessment using Event Related Brain Potentials

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portable laboratory computer system, measurement of event-related brain potentials during performance of complex experimental tasks, humans, conference presentation


The PEARL II (Portable Environmental Assessment and Research Laboratory) computer integrates hardware and software to serve as an online, real-time experimental control and data acquisition system. Although the system can be used in many areas of research, PEARL II development has emphasized investigation of physiological responses from human Ss performing complex experimental tasks. The special feature of the PEARL test battery is its suitability for the measurements of event-related brain potentials in these tasks, although other physiological indices such as heart rate may be monitored. The PEARL system also includes a versatile library of laboratory control subroutines that can be used to develop new applications.

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Neurobehavioral Toxicology and Teratology, v. 7, issue 4, p. 399-407