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Event‐related brain potentials, P300, Cognitive task performance, Stimulus probability, Orienting reflex, Memorability of events

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The work of the Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory would not have been possible without the talents of my collaborators: graduate students, post‐doctoral trainees, and colleagues on the faculty of the University of Illinois. The list is long, but it certainly includes Daniel Gopher, who is now with the Technion in Israel, Chris Wickens and Michael Coles, my colleagues in the Psychology Department, Ken Squires, Nancy Squires, John Polich, Leo Towle, and Ted Bashore, all of whom spent some time as post‐doctoral associates at the Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory, my former students, Ron Herning, Marta Kutas, Connie Duncan‐Johnson, Skip Johnson, Dick Horst, Jack Israel and Greg McCarthy. Then there are those who still toil at Illinois, or who are newly toiling there, notably Demetrios Karis, Earle Heffley, Noel Marshall, Linda Vanasse, and Arthur Kramer. Marlene Calder has provided much aid in the preparation of this report.

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Psychophysiology, v. 18, issue 5, p. 493-513