Measurement of Team Situation Awareness in Low Experience Level Aviators

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Two measurement methods for situation awareness were tested on 2-person aircrews and compared for the information they yielded on team situation awareness. Forty-one crews of low experience level military aviators flew 2 different scenarios, 1 in a full-mission simulator, a 1 in a low-fidelity trainer. Team situation awareness was measured by instructor and observers in the high-fidelity simulator scenario and by responses to questions on flight knowledge in a scenario in the low-fidelity trainer. Scores on both measures were found to be reliable. Team situation awareness scores based on flight knowledge collected in the low-fidelity scenario were significantly correlated with team performance in the high-fidelity simulation (r = .41, p< .05). The 2 team situation awareness scores (1 from the high-fidelity simulation and 1 from the low-fidelity simulation) were also significantly correlated (r = .43, p< .05). These findings and related information are discussed in relation to the use of the measurements in situation awareness training for low experience level pilots.

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International Journal of Aviation Psychology, v. 17, issue 1, p. 41-57