Evaluating the Convergence of Muscle Appearance Attitude Measures

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men, body image, assessment, muscularity, validity

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There has been growing interest in the assessment of a muscular appearance. Given the importance of assessing muscle appearance attitudes, the aim of this study was to explore the convergence of the Drive for Muscularity Scale, Somatomorphic Matrix, Contour Drawing Rating Scale,Male Figure Drawings, and the Muscularity Rating Scale. Participants were 76 men and 103 women who each completed four measures of body image that were meant to evaluate two distinct domains of appearance attitudes: muscularity and body fat. For both genders, data indicated low convergence among muscularity measures, but high convergence among body fat measures. For men, the Drive for Muscularity Body Image subscale exhibited the greatest concurrent validity with behaviors used to increase muscularity. The results are discussed in light of the selection of methods for the assessment of muscle appearance attitudes.

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Assessment, v. 11, issue 3, p. 224-229