Exercise‐Induced Migraine Prodrome Symptoms

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Following consumption of a somewhat more than usual amount of coffee, and on a background of only scant food intake that day, a physically‐fit 31 year old male engaged in unusually strenuous running. About an hour after cessation of exercise, he developed, for the first time in his life, symptoms consistent with a migraine prodrome (as a researcher in migraine, the subject was familiar with the symptoms of migraine, though he himself was not a migraine sufferer). No head pain followed. The roles of caffeine, hypoglycemia, and exercise, alone and in combination, require investigation in the evaluation of other cases of exercise‐induced migraine. Also, the occurrence of exercise‐induced prodromes, without headache, may not be correctly interpreted by some subjects unfamiliar with the multiple potential manifestations of migraine.

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Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, v. 27, issue 5, p. 250-251