Emotion and Emotion Regulation: A Map for Psychotherapy Researchers

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emotion, emotion regulation, psychotherapy research

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Never before has the pace of research on emotion and emotion regulation been as vigorous as it is today. This news is welcomed by researchers who study psychological therapies and who believe that emotion and emotion regulation processes are fundamental to normal and abnormal functioning. However, one unwelcome consequence of this otherwise happy state of affairs is that therapy researchers now face an array of bewildering decisions about what to measure and why. What is needed is a map that will help researchers make wise decisions in this domain. In this spirit, we locate Sloan and Kring's (2007) important review of available emotion and emotion regulation measures within the wider field of affective constructs and the broader problem space of psychotherapy research. Where appropriate, we illustrate our points with examples from our own work, and highlight the payoffs and challenges of integrating affective and clinical science.

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Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, v. 14, issue 4, p. 323-328