The Primary Mental Health Project (PMHP): Seven Consecutive Years of Program Outcome Research

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school based mental health program, early detection & prevention of school adjustment problems, elementary school students

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The Primary Mental Health Project (PMHP) is a school-based mental health program for the early detection and prevention of school-adjustment problems. This study assessed the PMHP's effectiveness by evaluating 7 consecutive annual cohorts of children (N = 2,310; 75% were primary graders) seen through the program from 1974 through 1981. Pre- and postprogram evaluations were based on teacher ratings on the Classroom Adjustment Rating Scale and the Health Resources Inventory and child-aide ratings of problem behaviors. At postevaluation, school mental health professionals rated educational and behavioral changes of PMHP Ss during the year. Results, from all 3 perspectives, strongly and consistently showed that Ss were judged to have improved in adjustment, thus supporting the conclusion that the model is effective and socially useful.

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Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, v. 51, issue 1, p. 100-107