Development of Eating Patterns

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Eating Disorder, Preschool Child, Childhood Obesity, Food Choice, Eating Pattern

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As can be seen throughout this book, childhood and adolescent obesity is of great concern. Obesity during childhood and adolescence has been associated with physical, behavioral, and academic difficulties (Anderson & Butcher, 2006; Datar & Sturm, 2006). This chapter will discuss developmental patterns related to normative eating habits as well as eating patterns associated with problematic eating. Given that the behavioral correlates of eating habits and nutrition begin at birth, this chapter will cover eating patterns from infancy through adolescence. Because issues outside the family (such as the school environment and media) are also related to the development of eating patterns, they will be discussed briefly. The primary focus of this chapter, however, will be the influences of the family on the development of eating patterns.

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Development of Eating Patterns, In E. Jelalian & R. G. Steele (Eds.), Handbook of Child and Adolescent Obesity, Springer, p. 91-106