Synthesis, transport properties, and electronic structure of Cu2CdSnTe4

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A new stannite phase was synthesized and its temperature dependent transport properties were investigated. Cu2CdSnTe4 possesses strong p-type conduction, while the temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity exhibits typical dielectric behavior. Electronic structure calculations allowed for a description of the transport characteristics in terms the energy band structure, density of states, and Fermi surface. The potential for thermoelectric applications is also discussed. This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation and Department of Energy Partnership on Thermoelectric Devices for Vehicle Applications (Grant No. 1048796). K.W. and G.S.N. gratefully acknowledge financial support from the II–VI Foundation. J.R.S. would like to thank GM and the DOE for support under Corporate Agreement No. DE-EE0005432. L.M.W. acknowledges partial support from the National Science Foundation under Contract No. DMR-1400957.

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Applied Physics Letters, v. 104, issue 25, art. 252107