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atomic force microscopy, boron alloys, cobalt alloys, doping, iron alloys, magnetic anisotropy, magnetic domains, magnetic force microscopy, magnetoresistance, micromagnetics, niobium alloys, silicon alloys, surface magnetism, surface roughness

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The surface roughness,surface magnetic domain structure(SMDS), and high frequency magneto-impedance (MI) response of melt-extracted Co69.25Fe4.25Si13B13.5 microwires with 1 at.%Nb substitution for B have been studied byatomic force microscopy(AFM),magnetic force microscopy(MFM), and impedance analyzer, respectively. We show that theNbdoping significantly increases the domain width from 729 to 1028 nm, while preserving the lowsurface roughness (∼2 nm) of the base composition. As a result, a greater improvement of the high frequency MI response (∼300%/Oe at 20 MHz) is achieved in the Nb-doped microwire. A well-defined circumferentialanisotropy formed with Nb-substitution is key to a highly sensitive MI fieldsensor.

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AIP Advances, v. 7, issue 5, art. 056643