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We demonstrate the application of a spin valve giant magneto-resistance (GMR) integrated microfluidic sensor for the detection and quantification of superparamagnetic nanomarkers. A microfluidic channel containing the magnetic fluid, micro-conductors (MCs) for collection of magnetic markers and a spin valve GMR sensor for detecting the presence of magnetic stray field were integrated into a single chip and employed for detection of various concentrations of Nanomag-D beads of 250 nm diameter. The results show that the sensor is capable of detecting concentrations as low as 500 pg μl−1 of Nanomag-D beads and quantifying them in a linear scale over a wide particle concentration range (1–500 ng μl−1). Our study provides a novel platform towards the development of a portable lab-on-a-chip sensor.


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RSC Advances, v. 5, issue 63, p. 51169-51175

This is an accepted manuscript of an article published by Royal Society of Chemistry in RCS Advances. The published version is available online: 10.1039/C5RA09365A.

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