The mission of the University of South Florida College of Pharmacy is to develop outstanding pharmacist clinicians that provide educational, preventive, and therapeutic pharmaceutical care services to patients, communities, and health care providers with foundational principles based upon innovation, leadership, achieving interprofessional collaboration, application of clinical evidence, and life-long learning values.


The University of South Florida College of Pharmacy will create an academic and clinical learning environment known for:
  • Producing outstanding pharmacist clinicians trained in advanced healthcare principles to provide exceptional patient-centered care
  • Creating an interprofessional academic healthcare environment that respects the significant contributions of pharmacists within the healthcare team
  • Implementing patient-centered learning models for our faculty and students based on the active application of advanced technology
  • Providing a collegial and nurturing environment where students will incorporate principles of life-long learning into their continued professional development and clinical pharmacy practice
  • Developing cutting-edge research in pharmaceutical sciences, drug discovery, clinical translational research, and clinical trials participation
  • Recognition of the need and develop strategies to provide community outreach to underrepresented and underserved communities


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