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This report began as a charge from the Dean of Library to investigate the anticipated costs of electronic resources required to support university teaching and research; including staffing, staff training, licensing and purchasing of data and resources, and the technology required to store, and remotely access resources. The committee also examined expenditures on electronic resources by other institutions, both within State of Florida public higher education, and in comparison to institutions similar in size and programmatic characteristics to USFSP. After considering the many factors that must influence the one-time and recurring expenses, the Committee concludes that to provide electronic resources to the students, faculty and staff of USFSP similar to those currently available would require substantial investment in technology, staff, and training, in addition to the cost of purchasing and licensing electronic resources. Staff and staff training costs are for two new staff, and are based on salary surveys and salaries of current job openings. Costs of electronic resources are based on current USF systems resources, with the understanding that costing models do not include all of the USF library systems costs.

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