Denervation of the Eustachian Tube and Hearing Loss Following Trigeminal Schwannoma Resection

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eustachian tube dysfunction, trigeminal schwannoma, hearing loss, trigeminal nerve, patulous ET

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Objectives: To discuss eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD) as a cause of hearing loss and to discuss its pathogenesis following resection of trigeminal schwannomas.

Methods: Presented herein are two cases of trigeminal schwannoma that were resected surgically with sacrifice of the motor branch of the trigeminal nerve. Neither of the cases had evidence of extracranial extension nor preoperative ETD. Both patients developed ETD and have been followed without evidence of schwannoma recurrence.

Conclusions: Trigeminal schwannomas are rare tumors that typically require surgical resection. Hearing loss is a potential postsurgical deficit and warrants evaluation by an otolaryngologist with consideration given to a preoperative audiogram. ETD as a result of trigeminal motor branch sacrifice should be included in the differential diagnosis of postoperative hearing loss in this patient subset as it may be reversed with placement of a tympanostomy tube.

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Journal of Neurological Surgery Reports, v. 77, issue 1, p. e56-e61