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Directions in Biology for Ocean Observing

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Presents a collection of slides covering the following topics: integrated global carbon observing system; ocean carbon and climate change; integrated marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem research project; comparative analysis of marine ecosystem organization; PICES science program; coral reefs; U.S. carbon cycle science plan; anthropogenic climate change; natural resources; marine ecosystem structure; biodiversity dynamics; greenhouse gas concentration; ocean depth; coastal ecosystem; chemical element distribution; deep subsurface biosphere; ocean crust; phytoplankton; zooplankton; remote sensing; primary productivity analysis; time-series station; microorganisms; environmental sample processor; sensor-molecular technologies; sensor-bio-optical technology; flow cytometric technology; zooplankton optic and acoustic technology; camera imaging system; data management; organic carbon pump; biogeochemical flux array; fine-scale vertical resolution; shadowed image particle profiler and evaluation recorder; image resolution; holographic camera; and RSN profiling mooring.

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Presented at the 2011 GEOSS Workshop XLII - Oceans on September 18, 2011 in Kona, HI