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Water Temperature, Salinity, and Other Parameters from CTD Taken from the Research Vessel Hermano Gines at the CARIACO Ocean Time-Series Location in the Southeastern Caribbean Sea (Cariaco Basin) from 1995-11-08 to 2017-01-17

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beam attenuation coefficient, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, hydrostatic pressure, potential temperature (theta), salinity, sigma-theta, water depth


his dataset contains Water temperature, salinity, and other parameters from CTD taken from the research vessel Hermano Gines at the CARIACO Ocean Time-Series location in the Southeastern Caribbean Sea (Cariaco Basin) from 1995-11-08 to 2017-01-17. The CARIACO Ocean Time-Series project has been studying the relationship between surface primary production (carbon fixation rates by photosynthesis of planktonic algae), regional hydrography, physical forcing variables (such as the wind), and the settling flux of particulate organic carbon in the Cariaco Basin. This tectonic depression, located on the continental shelf of eastern Venezuela, shows marked seasonal and interannual variation in hydrography and primary production, with a seasonal wind-induced coastal upwelling. Below about 250 m, the Cariaco Basin waters are permanently anoxic.

This CTD data set is part of the core variables collected monthly at the time-series station. Each CTD profile has a depth resolution of 1 meter up to 1300 meters, and it is a composite of 4 casts completed during a 24-hour period. Missing or not-collected data are denoted by -9999. Data are in CSV format.


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Muller-Karger, Frank; Astor, Yrene; Varela, Ramon; Lorenzoni, Laura; Thunell, Robert; Scranton, Mary; Taylor, Gordon; Tappa, Eric; Benitez-Nelson, Claudia; Montes, Enrique; Rojas, Jaimie; Narvaez, Jesus; Rosales, Alberto; Guzman, Laurencia; Capelo, Juan; Rueda-Roa, Digna.

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NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, NCEI Accession 0189595