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Closing the Knowledge Gap for Ultra Deep Blowouts: Foci of the C-IMAGE Research Consortium

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Deepwater Horizon, Ixtoc 1, marine oil spills, ultra-deep

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The Center for Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Gulf Ecosystems (C-IMAGE) is a research consortium of 19 U.S. and international partners focused on examining the effects of oil spills on marine environments. Through its continued funding from GoMRI, our researchers have developed innovative methodologies and technologies to examine the near and far field nature of deep blowouts with their unique physicochemical properties. Laboratory studies at our high-pressure facilities have mimicked the release of gas saturated oil under deep sea initial conditions and provided data critical for oil transport models. The results from these far-field transport models are used to inform the extensive field effort to examine the short- and long-term impact of marine oil spills on the environment.

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Marine Technology Society Journal, v. 52, no. 6, p. 77-80