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biodiversity, ecosystem health, habitat suitability indices, indicators, thresholds, essential ocean variables, essential biodiversity variables, omics

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Gabrielle Canonico, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Enrique Montes, Frank E. Muller-Karger, Carol Stepien, Dawn Wright, Abigail Benson, Brian Helmuth, Mark Costello, Isabel Sousa-Pinto, Hanieh Saeedi, Jan Newton, Ward Appeltans, Nina Bednaršek, Levente Bodrossy, Benjamin D. Best, Angelika Brandt, Kelly D. Goodwin, Katrin Iken, Antonio C. Marques, Patricia Miloslavich, Martin Ostrowski, Woody Turner, Eric P. Achterberg, Tom Barry, Omar Defeo, Gregorio Bigatti, Lea-Anne Henry, Berta Ramiro-Sánchez, Pablo Durán, Telmo Morato, J. Murray Roberts, Ana García-Alegre, Mar Sacau Cuadrado, and Bramley Murton

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Frontiers in Marine Science, v. 3, art. 367

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