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Microalgae Bioproduction – Feeds, Foods, Nutraceuticals, and Polymers

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microalgae, aquaculture, diatoms, nutraceuticals, biopolymers β‐chitin, integrated aquaculture systems, biofuels, membrane bioreactors, perfusion culture

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This chapter reviews the current status of microalgae‐derived feeds, foods, nutraceuticals, and polymer bioproduction. Microalgae as a feedstock have been used in many products and applications, with new ones constantly being discovered. With the recent surge in interest to use algae as a feedstock in biofuels and aquaculture, there is growing interest in using the overall algal biomass in a more optimal manner, developing efficient and synergistic production methods and efficiently utilizing both the main and coproducts of the process to improve the overall bottom‐line production cost. Coproduct development is an attractive option, given the fact that the world has the experience of using algae for a wide array of products.

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Microalgae Bioproduction – Feeds, Foods, Nutraceuticals, and Polymers, in F. M. Kerton & N. Yan (Eds.), Fuels, Chemicals and Materials from the Oceans and Aquatic Sources, John Wiley & Sons, p. 83-112