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Continuous 2.7-year time series of upper ocean currents and temperature at 0 ° 28° W collected during the Seasonal Response of the Equatorial Atlantic Experiment are presented. The thermocline underwent distinctive annual cyclesin response to forcing by the surface wind stress and the core of the Equatorial Undercurrent tracked the thermocline. While the vertical position of the thermocline and the undercurrent appear to be simply related, the transport of the undercurrent did not show a replicating annual cycle, and the speed at the undercurrent core remained relatively constant. Near surface flow when averaged over the 2.7 years was not statistically different from zero, and a westward flowing South Equatorial Current was rarely established despite strong easterly wind stress in all 3 years. Crossequatorial flow was also zero in the mean at this location.

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Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, v. 92, issue C5, p. 5061-5075

Copyright 1987 by the American Geophysica Union.