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Ocean Acidification and Coastal Marine Invertebrates: Tracking CO2 Effects from Seawater to the Cell

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ocean acidification, coastal invertebrates, animal physiology

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In the last few decades, numerous studies have investigated the impacts of simulated ocean acidification on marine species and communities, particularly those inhabiting dynamic coastal systems. Despite these research efforts, there are many gaps in our understanding, particularly with respect to physiological mechanisms that lead to pathologies. In this review, we trace how carbonate system disturbances propagate from the coastal environment into marine invertebrates and highlight mechanistic links between these disturbances and organism function. We also point toward several processes related to basic invertebrate biology that are severely understudied and prevent an accurate understanding of how carbonate system dynamics influence organismic homeostasis and fitness-related traits. We recommend that significant research effort be directed to studying cellular phenotypes of invertebrates acclimated or adapted to elevated seawater pCO2 using biochemical and physiological methods.

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Annual Review of Marine Science, v. 12, p. 499-523