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A New Compact Rotating Video System for Rapid Survey of Reef Fish Populations

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A new, compact, inexpensive, remote submersible rotating video system (SRV) is described in detail for use in fish and habitat surveys. The SRV was designed to remotely simulate the widely used Bohnsack-Bannerot fish-survey method. The positive attributes of SRV include: (1) elimination of potential diver effects on fish behavior; (2) efficiency (multiple simultaneous deployments); (3) less ship time; (4) cost effectiveness; (5) depth limits far exceed scuba; (6) non-destructive to habitat; (7) non-extractive; (8) useful in situations dangerous for divers; (9) provides a permanent high-resolution record of the survey and habitat condition; and (10) fish behaviors unlikely to be observed by divers may be recorded with SRV. However, the SRV may underrepresent small cryptic species and laboratory time would be necessary to evaluate the videos.

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Bulletin of Marine Science, v. 91, issue 3, p. 365-373