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Occurrence of Larval Snook, Centropomus Undecimalis (Bloch), in Naples Bay, Florida

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An extensive ichthyoplankton sampling program was conducted in Naples Bay, Florida during the period of June 1983 to January 1985. Fourteen larval snook, Centropomus undecimalis, were collected during the course of sampling. Larvae ranged from 4.4-7.0 mm standard length and all exhibited complete notochord flexion. All larvae were taken during two 24 h periods in July of 1983 and 1984. Snook larvae were collected on a flood tide within five days of a full moon, and 86 % were associated with the bottom. A significant relationship was found between larval size and the salinity of capture (r = -0.67; P = 0.01; N = 13), indicating the occurrence of larger larvae in waters of lower salinity. The Centropomus larvae collected did not comprise a significant portion of the ichthyoplankton of the area, contributing less than 0.05 % to the total number of fish larvae taken from Naples Bay.

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Florida Scientist, v. 50, issue 1, p. 34-38