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In Situ Measurements of Raman Scattering in Clear Ocean Water

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We have further developed and improved the prototype oceanic Fraunhofer line discriminator by using a well-protected fiber-optic–wire cable and in-water electronic housing. We conducted a series of in situ measurements in clear ocean water in the Florida Straits. By comparing the reduced data with the Monte Carlo simulation results, we verify the Raman scattering coefficient Br with an excitation wavelength at 488 nm to be 2.6 × 10-4m-1 [Appl. Opt. 29, 71–84 (1990)], as opposed to 14.4 × 10-4 m-1 [Appl. Opt. 14, 2116–2120 (1975)]. The wavelength dependence of the Raman scattering coefficient is found to have an insignificant effect on the in-water light field. We also discuss factors that lead to errors. This study can be used as a basis for inelastic light scattering in the radiative transfer theory and will allow other inelastic light, e.g., fluorescence, to be detected with in situ measurements.

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Applied Optics, v. 36, issue 27, p. 6962-6967