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Florida's Black Water Event

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In January 2002, fishermen first noticed dark, discolored water in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico near Florida’s Marquesas Islands, which they called “black water.” The accumulated evidence suggests the dark water was caused by a series of algal blooms, from red tide to diatoms, which were supported by both marine and estuarine sources of nutrients. The passage of fewer fronts during the winter of 2001–2002, combined with local circulation patterns and heavy rainfall, contributed to the formation of this expansive bloom that persisted for many months.

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Florida's Black Water Event, in K. A. Steidinger, J. H. Landsberg, C. R. Tomas & G. A. Vargo (Eds.), Harmful Algae 2002. Proceedings of the Xth International Conference on Harmful Algae, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Institute of Oceanography, p. 377-379