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Long Pathlength Absorbance Spectroscopy: Trace Copper Analysis Using a 4.4 M Liquid Core Waveguide

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Copper, Groundwater, Freshwater, Absorbance, Spectroscopy, Liquid core waveguide

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Procedures are described for measurement of dissolved copper with long pathlength Teflon AF-2400 liquid core waveguides. Using a 4.4 m waveguide, absorbance versus concentration is linear for copper concentrations between 1 and 160 nM. The molar absorbance of copper complexed with bathocuproine disulfonate is nearly identical for pathlengths between 1 cm and 4.4 m. Our 4.4 m waveguide system provided a 0.4 nM detection limit with no sample preconcentration. The methods developed in this study have been used to determine copper concentrations in natural seawater, river water, and commercial drinking water.

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Talanta, v. 58, issue 5, p. 891-898