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Redox Reactions and Solution Complexes of Iron in Marine Systems

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Iron, Redox reactions, Water

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The chemistry of iron in natural waters has considerable effect on a variety of environmental processes. Iron plays a unique role in many biological systems due to its ability to form porphyrin molecules which participate in biochemical oxidationreduction reactions. Changes in the oxidation state of iron in response to environmental changes in redox potential is a significant factor for geochemical processes such as the formation of pyrite ores and ferro-manganese nodules. The chemical behavior of iron in natural waters is also important because of its prevalent use in structural materials and its subsequent deterioration through corrosion reactions. The tendency of iron to form colloidal and part iculate phases provides a mechanism for the removal of dissolved trace elements from natural waters by adsorption and coprecipitation. Due to this diverse range of chemical processes, it is important to establish a reliable understanding of the redox reactions of iron in marine waters.

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Redox Reactions and Solution Complexes of Iron in Marine Systems, in Marine Chemistry in the Coastal Environment, ACS Symposium Series, v. 18, American Chemical Society, p. 56-79