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‘Application of a New Spectral Theory of Stably Stratified Turbulence to the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Over Sea Ice’

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Atmospheric boundary layer, Spectral theories, Stable stratification, Turbulence

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A new spectral closure model of stably stratified turbulence is used to develop a K–ε model suitable for applications to the atmospheric boundary layer. This K–ε model utilizes vertical viscosity and diffusivity obtained from the spectral theory. In the ε equation, the Coriolis parameter-dependent formulation of the coefficient C 1 suggested by Detering and Etling is generalized to include the dependence on the Brunt-Väisälä frequency, N. The new K–ε model is tested in simulations of the ABL over sea ice and compared with observations from BASE as simulated in large-eddy simulations by Kosovic and Curry, and observations from SHEBA.

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Boundary-Layer Meteorology, v. 117, p. 231-257