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field tests, sediment, tides, inlets (waterway), suspended sediment, flow simulation, sediment transport, wave action, Florida, United States


Tidal inlets are very dynamic systems subject to continuous morphological changes under the action of tides, waves and transported sediments. Although flow and sediment dynamics are interactive, for simplicity, they can be decoupled. By accounting only for astronomic tidal effects, the flood cycle can be approximated by means of potential flow toward a sink while the ebb by the hydrodynamics of a plane jet. Using flow field simulation data, the amount and distribution of the moving sediment can be quantified by employing existing methods for estimation of bedload and suspended sediment transport. The applicability of the model is tested against field data from the Jupiter Inlet in S.E. Florida.

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Sedimentation Dynamics of Tidal Inlets, in North American Water and Environment Congress & Destructive Wate, American Society of Civil Engineers, Anaheim, CA, June 22-28, 1996

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