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Coral Reefs, Carbonate Sediments, Nutrients, and Global Change

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Coral Reef, Benthic Community, Gross Primary Productivity, Great Barrier Reef, Ozone Depletion

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As the 21st century begins, studies of coral reefs, carbonate sediments, and limestones will continue to be fundamental to understanding the past, present, and future of marine ecosystems and global climate. An intellectually challenging aspect of carbonate research is the plethora of paradoxes associated with the biology of carbonate-secreting organisms, carbonate geochemistry, and carbonate depositional ecosystems. Discovering new paradoxes, deciphering existing ones, and deepening understanding of old ones undoubtedly will continue to engage carbonate researchers well into the new century.

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Coral Reefs, Carbonate Sediments, Nutrients, and Global Change, in G. D. Stanley Jr. (Ed.), The History and Sedimentology of Ancient Reef Systems, Springer, p. 387-427