As part of the Monteverde Institute's commitment to information equity and the generation of new research-based knowledge in the Monteverde Zone, we offer these Digital Collections as a freely and openly accessible resource for all. Individual documents in the collections are discoverable in Google and Google Scholar; the collections are fully searchable through the Monteverde Institute Library web site and through the University of South Florida Libraries' digital collections. Thanks goes to the University of South Florida; Laurie, Kutner, University of Vermont; Syracuse University School of Information Studies and The Monteverde Institute.The Monteverde Institute's digital collections include: Culture, Community, and Health; Sustainable Design, Planning, and Community Development; Tropical Ecology and Conservation; and Economy and Resource Management.

The Monteverde Institute is a Costa Rican not-for-profit association with public utility status. Our mission is to catalyze social, ecological and economic sustainability by integrating community initiatives with education, research and conservation. We pursue our mission through collaboratively designing and leading or hosting place-based academic programs within and across diverse disciplines, conducting and facilitating applied research and leading or supporting community initiatives to address local challenges to sustainability, aiming to create a sustainable community for a sustainable world.


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Culture, Community, and Health [Monteverde Institute]

Economy and Resource Management [Monteverde Institute]

Sustainable Design, Planning and Community Development [Monteverde Institute]

Tropical Ecology and Conservation [Monteverde Institute]