How Knowing Who, Where and When Can Change Health Care Delivery

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Everything that happens to a person during their lifetime happens in the context of place, and the movements made by the person through and within that place. Persons begin life with a birthplace; they remember exactly where they were when they first laid eyes on their true love, the street address of their first home, etc. New research suggests that changes in movement patterns which occur in home and public spaces may be significant indicators of declining mental and physical health. In this chapter the authors discuss efforts to measure natural human movement, present a novel technique that uses a referential grid system to study the relationship of movement to health changes. The authors then present several syndromes whose understanding may be increased by a more thorough analysis of movement. They conclude with a discussion of how location aware technologies can play a role in identifying problems and solutions in the design of living spaces for the elderly.

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E-Health, Assistive Technologies and Applications for Assisted Living: Challenges and Solutions, p. 139-160