Women’s views of the behavioral health treatment system: A mixed methods approach

Marion A. Becker
Julienne A. Giard
Colleen Clark
Janet Suleski



Nine sites across the country collected quantitative and qualitative data through face-to-face interviews from 2,729 women with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders and histories of trauma. This paper explores their views of the formal treatment system by examining the relationship between quantitative and qualitative data across three time points (baseline, 6 months, and 12 months). The Consumer Perceptions of Care scale, a 26-item section, was developed for this project and asked participants their views on services, including services integration, and satisfaction with services and service providers. Study participants were also asked two open-ended questions about what was helpful and hurtful in their recovery. The paper will include a discussion of what is gained by having these two types of data, the different ways to combine or analyze these data, and various insights into their experiences with the formal treatment system as a result.