NEO PI-R Predictors of Alcohol Use and Alcohol-Related Problems

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We investigated the relationships between Five-factor model domains and facets and drinking and alcohol-related problems. We also examined the moderating effects of gender. Two hundred students (99 men and 101 women) who had used alcohol in the past year completed self-report and interview assessments. Bivariate analyses demonstrated some significant relationships. In the multivariate analyses that controlled for gender, Neuroticism and Conscientiousness were linked to drinking, but only some of the facets from these domains had significant relationships to drinking. Facets of Extraversion and Agreeableness, but not these domains, were associated with drinking. Neuroticism and Conscientiousness and most of their facets were related to alcohol-related problems in the multivariate analyses. The interactions between gender and traits were not significant.

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Journal of Personality Assessment, v. 81, issue 3, p. 226-236