The Geriatric Depression Scale: A Comprehensive Review

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psychometric properties & utility of English version Geriatric Depression Scale

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Reviews published information regarding the psychometric properties and utility of the English version Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) that has accumulated over the past decade. In a number of populations, studies have assessed the reliability of the GDS using both test–retest and internal methods. The validity of the Scale was examined by comparing the results of the GDS with a number of "gold standards," including clinical diagnosis and a number of other scales that purport to measure depression. The GDS has been shown to have high internal consistency and is stable over time. The Criterion validity of the GDS has also been demonstrated with most sensitivity and specificity scores remaining above 80%. However, studies examining the use of the GDS with cognitively impaired Ss produced mixed results, and preliminary studies evaluating the GDS's utility with non-Caucasian Ss have been inconclusive. In general, the studies reviewed support the validity of the GDS as a useful tool for screening for depression in the elderly. Recommendations for clinical and research use of the GDS are offered.

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Journal of Clinical Geropsychology, v. 4, issue 2, p. 89-110