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This study examines the role of social media in promoting the standard of return festivals and revisiting intentions in Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria. The festival, also known as the Door of Return festival, is a cultural event commemorating 400 years of African ancestors who were forcibly taken away as slaves and are now back to their mother land as queens and kings. The African ‘door of experience’, which took place in Lagos Nigeria is the 3rd door of return ceremony reflecting the significance of the slave trade activities that took place in the ancient town of Badagary. Data was collected in Badagry from sample of 473 and analyzed using structural equation modeling. The DMOs website was also observed to monitor the presence of the DMOs and their relationship with customers. The results revealed that DMOs are still exploring social media marketing skills on festival quality and revisiting intension to promote cultural tourism product in capturing both international and domestic tourists. It was recommended that improving the festival website and enhancing the DMOs digital marketing competence will help create unique festival experience and effectiveness of the festival as the bottom-line is to delight the African Americans and other visitors as well as stimulate a profitable return visit to the door of return festival in the future.



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Arasli, H., Abdullahi, M., & Gunay, T. (2021). Social media marketing the African door of return experience in Badagry-Nigeria. In C. Cobanoglu, & V. Della Corte (Eds.), Advances in global services and retail management (pp. 1–18). USF M3 Publishing. https://www.doi.org/10.5038/9781955833035

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