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For most countries with high tourism potential in today's world to develop economically and provide the foreign currency income it needs, it is necessary to increase the level of employment, market share and revenues it receives in the national sense. Because of this, many countries are engaged in relentless competition with each other in the international tourism sector. The different dimensions of the concept of National Competitiveness have attracted the attention of many researchers from various disciplines. While the discipline of economics makes the concept of competition a subject of examination at the international level in the light of the country's macroeconomic indicators, the discipline of management is concerned with the international dimension of competition at the firm, sector, and national level. In other words, two different disciplines are trying to explain the national competitiveness by making different analysis units the subject of examination. As a result of this, different disciplines explain national competitiveness depending on different dynamics and are able to make different interpretations regarding the result. This study tries to explain the competitiveness of Kazakhstan's tourism sector within the Eurasian region within the framework of infrastructure and transportation infrastructure, considering the dynamics on which national competitiveness depends both in terms of the discipline of economics and the discipline of management. In particular, the difference in the development situations of countries and the need to explain the competitiveness of the tourism sector with the dynamics of transport and logistics infrastructure because of this difference in development are important. For this purpose, it has been tried to reveal the competitiveness of Kazakhstan comparatively by analysing the data obtained from the second data sources.



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Myrzabekova, M., Halis, M., & Camlibel, Z. (2021). The place of Kazakhstan tourism sector in the countries of the region in terms of transportation infrastructure. In C. Cobanoglu, & V. Della Corte (Eds.), Advances in global services and retail management (pp. 1–10). USF M3 Publishing. https://www.doi.org/10.5038/9781955833035

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