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The purpose of this research is to evaluate the effect of covid-19 on guided tours and examine the alternative tour examples that have emerged in Turkey during the pandemic. In this study, qualitative research method was used and data analyses were conducted using content analysis. The content analysis have been made through the statistics, reports and qualitative research methods by tourism portals (Tourism current, tourism news), UNWTO, Turkish Statistical Institute (TSI), Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism (ATTA). In Turkey during the pandemic, the number of tourists decreased by 70% and tourism revenue decreased by 65%. Travel agencies in Turkey have produced alternative tour solutions such as online tours, live tours and virtual trips to guided tours, which come to a standstill. Travel agencies have welcomed thousands of tourists on these tours and will continue to do so in the future by establishing a digital tour department. Technological developments can be combined with innovative approaches to offer alternative solutions to tourists. The paper examine the effect of covid-19 on tourism, travel agency as well as guided tours and contributes towards innovative strategies for integrated and regional online, onlive and virtual tours of destinations such as naturel, cultural, historical reserves and other tourist attractions.



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Akay, B. (2021). The effects of COVID-19 epidemic on guided tours and alternative tour samples from Turkey. In C. Cobanoglu, & V. Della Corte (Eds.), Advances in global services and retail management (pp. 1–7). USF M3 Publishing. https://www.doi.org/10.5038/9781955833035

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