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In the present world, the service providers are in a dire need to address and customize, and gratify customer needs based on their experiences, preferences, interests, and behavior. There comes the rescue, the digital marketing that has been evolved tremendously over the past couple of years amidst the pandemic. Though the presence was sensed long back to the start of the decade, its imperativeness has become inevitable after 2015. In India and across the globe the people are finding ways to stay handy, having all their needs fulfilled at their doorsteps. There comes digital marketing. In the name of civilization, as a trend, as people’s choice and as a product of modernization, digital marketing is thriving everywhere. Thanks to social media, for it plays a formidable role in proliferation of digital marketing. The platforms are becoming popular and the products are becoming cheaper and more over irrespective of the needs, variety of products and services are blossoming every day.



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R, S. (2021). Digital marketing in hospitality and tourism. In C. Cobanoglu, S. Dogan, K. Berezina, & G. Collins (Eds.), Hospitality & tourism information technology (pp. 1–26). USF M3 Publishing. https://www.doi.org/10.5038/9781732127593

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