Welcome to LANGSNAP 3.0

The learner corpora made available here were collected in summer 2016 as part of the research project “Investigating foreign language attrition, maintenance, and development post-instruction and residence abroad: The LANGSNAP participants 3 years later”. This project investigates the long-term evolution of foreign language proficiency post-instruction and study/residence abroad, an important and understudied area of research relevant to second language acquisition. LANGSNAP 3.0 contributes new data to the existing longitudinal Languages and Social Networks Abroad Project (LANGSNAP: Mitchell, Tracy-Ventura, McManus, 2017; Tracy-Ventura, Mitchell, & McManus, 2016). More information about LANGSNAP and the experimental tasks can be found at http://langsnap.soton.ac.uk/.

This repository includes three types of data for each language:

  • Oral interviews (semi-structured interviews led by a member of the research team);
  • Story retelling (a story guided by a sequence of pictures);
  • Argumentative writing (a timed 150-word response to a stimulus question).

This research was supported by a Language Learning Small Research Grant, a University of South Florida NRG, and a USF World Faculty Travel Mobility Grant.

The data available in this repository include anonymized audio recordings of the oral interview and story retelling data, as well as transcripts of all data in CHAT format. To access and explore the data, click on Activity, Collection Round, or Participant.

Researchers using this repository are asked to acknowledge the LANGSNAP 3.0 project http://scholarcommons.usf.edu/langsnap/ in any publication arising from their work. They are also asked to acknowledge the CHILDES project as outlined at http://childes.talkbank.org/ and to adhere generally to the researcher and user ground rules which have been developed by the CHILDES project at Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

For more information, please contact Dr. Nicole Tracy-Ventura (nkt@usf.edu) or Dr. Amanda Huensch (huensch@usf.edu).


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