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National Cave & Karst Management Symposia; Living with caves and karst


G. Thomas Rea



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January 1999


14th National Cave and Karst Management Symposium, Chattanooga, Tennessee October 19-22, 1999 Living with Caves and Karst: Contents: Description of a Protocol for Monitoring the Population Status of the Tumbling Creek Cavesnail (Hydrobiidaie: Antrobia culveri) (Poster Presentation) / David Ashley - Paul McKenzie - Pam Haverland - Tom Aley -- Planning for the Impact of Convention Caving / Ann Bosted -- Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Initiating Steps for Preserving West Virginia's Cave and Karst Terrain / Jeff Bray -- A Karst Resource Inventory of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests / Terri Brown - Dawn Kirk -- Hubbards Cave Revisited: Adaptive Cave Resource Management on a Private Nature Preserve / Gabrielle K. Call -- Using a Geographic Information System for Alabama Cave Shrimp Habitat Protection / C. Warren Campbell - Steve S. Bong - Thomas R. McLaughlin -- Surface Disturbance Threats to Karst Faunas in Tasmania, Australia / Arthur Clarke -- Protection of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone through the Sensitive Land Acquisition Program / Jason Corzine -- Assessing Risk and Identifying Resources for Search, Rescue, and Medical Emergencies / Diane Cousineau -- Conducting and Managing Search and Rescue Operations / Diane Cousineau -- Recent Projects and Problems of the Michigan Karst Conservancy / Rane L. Curl -- Historic Preservation at Hubbards Cave: Inventory and Management of Cultural Resources / Joseph C. Douglas -- Threats to Surface and Karst Groundwater of Mammoth Cave National Park from The Arthur Oil Field, Kentucky / David Ek - Chris Groves - Alan Glennon - Bill Curry - Joe Meiman -- Temperature Data Logging in Missouri Bat Caves / William R. Elliott - Richard L. Clawson -- A Strategy for Improved Karst Management in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska / Kris Esterson -- Cave Management in the United States: An Overview of Significant Trends and Accomplishments / David G. Foster -- Walkway Development and Construction Relative to Reducing Visitor Impact in the Historic Section of Mammoth Cave / John Fry - Rick Olson -- Evolving Geographic Information Systems Capabilities for Management of Cave and Karst Resources / Alan Glennon - Chris Groves -- "Have Cave, Will Travel" / James Goodbar -- Interagency Cooperation at the Highest Level: A Review of the Draft Interagency Agreement for Cave and Karst Resources Management in the Federal Government / James Goodbar -- New Advances in the Study and Management of Arkansas Caves / G. O. Graening - A.V. Brown -- The Role of Research and Education in Cave and Karst Management / Chris Groves - Alan Glennon - Joe Meiman - Pat Kambesis -- Site Conservation Planning for Caves and Karst Features / Christine Hall -- History and Current Status of the Hart's-Tongue Fern in the South / Jim Hall -- Living with Pseudokarst / William R. Halliday -- Cave Restoration and Conservation: Topics, Methods, and Discussion / Val Hildreth-Werker - Jim C. Werker -- Cave Softly . . . and Leave No Trace (Poster Presentation) / Val Hildreth-Werker - Jim C. Werker -- Formation Repair Techniques (Poster Presentation) / Val Hildreth-Werker - Jim C. Werker -- Hot-Spots of Biodiversity and Management Issues for North American Cave-Adapted Fauna / Horton H. Hobbs III - David C. Culver - Mary C. Christman - Lawrence L. Master -- Faunal Inventory of Georgia Caves / John B. Jensen - James C. Ozier -- Misconceptions About Caves and Karst: Common Problems and Educational Solutions / Ernst H. Kastning - Karen M. Kastning -- Recent Conservation Successes at U.S. Bat Caves / Jim "Crash" Kennedy -- The National Cave and Karst Research Institute: An Update / Ronal Kerbo -- The Nature Conservancy's Planning for Subterranean Invertebrates of the Interior Low Plateaus / Julian J. Lewis - F. Allen Pursell -- A Tale of Two Cities: Conservation Focused Cave Bioinventories by The Nature Conservancy in the Karst Areas of Louisville and Saint Louis / Julian J. Lewis - F. Allen Pursell - Matt Nelson -- Recent Projects of the Indiana Karst Conservancy, Inc. / Kriste Lindberg -- Delineation of Karst Groundwater Divides by In-Cave Dye Tracing, Mammoth Cave Karst Aquifer, Kentucky / Joe Meiman - Chris Groves -- An Instrument and Method for Measurement of Dust Fall in Caves / Neville A. Michie -- Urbanism and Cave Conservation In Central Texas / Kristin Miller - C. Lee Sherrod -- The Management of Logsdon, Hardin, and Swirl Canyon Caves--A Cooperative Effort Between the Nashville Grotto and the Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. / William Overton -- Pigeon Mountain Thirty Years of Noninterference / Allen Padgett -- Successful Cave Management Strategies at Carlsbad Caverns National Park / Dale Pate -- Land Use and Water Quality Threats to the Mammoth Cave Karst Aquifer, Kentucky / Rhonda Pfaff - Alan Glennon - Chris Groves - Michael Anderson - John Fry - Joe Meiman -- Cave Acquisition and Management Experiences of the Southeastern Cave Conservancy / Bill Putnam -- Underground Radio Use in Cave Rescue Operations / Bill Putnam -- Exotic Species in North American Caves / Will K. Reeves -- The Caver's Resource Workshop / Rob Robbins -- Cave Gate Airflow Disturbance--A Qualitative Study / Brian Roebuck - Ahmad Vakili - Lynn Roebuck -- Methods for Estimating Colony Size of Mexican Free-tailed Bats (Poster Presentation) / William T. Route - David M. Roemer - Val Hildreth-Werker - Jim C. Werker -- An Overview of the Balcones Fault Zone Portion of the Edwards Aquifer in South-Central Texas / Geary M. Schindel - Phyllis Stanin - Rick Illgner - John Hoyt -- Delineation of the Recharge Area for a Karst Spring Serving a Small Community on the Cumberland Plateau Escarpment / J.S. Schroll - J.R. McCormick -- Protecting Inaccessible and Un-accessible Caves / Patricia E. Seiser -- Aspects of Cave Management on Federal Lands / Patricia E. Seiser -- The Protection and Management of Prehistoric Cave Art in the Southeast / Jan F. Simek - Jay D. Franklin - Alan Cressler -- Landfill Gas Transport in Karst / Jeff Smith -- CKIS--GIS in Cave and Karst Management / Bernie Szukalski - Mike Yocum -- Groundwater Quality in the Caves and Karst of Illinois' Salem Plateau / Steven J. Taylor -- Acidic Bog Drainage and Limestone Dissolution, Mammoth Cave National Park / Jeff Timmons - Chris Groves - Joe Meiman -- The Potential Use of Data-logging Light Intensity and Light On/Off Meters in Mapping Visitor Use of Wild Caves / Rickard S. Toomey III - Steven J. Taylor - Diane Tecic - Debbie S. Newman - Chris Hespen -- Cave Management vs People Management: Cave and Karst Management and Protection via People Management / Jerry L. Trout -- Habitat Conservation Planning: A Model for Comprehensive Resource Management in Karst / George Veni - James R. Reddell -- Site History as an Asset in Preserve Management / Mike Warner -- Principles and Practice for Design of Cave Preserve Management and Monitoring Plans for Invertebrate Species of Concern, San Antonio / Kemble White - Kenneth J. Kingsley -- Fox Mountain History, Acquisition, Survey, and Access / Jim Wilbanks -- Tools and Resources for Cave and Karst Education / Carol Zokaites. 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