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National Cave & Karst Management Symposia; NCKMS


Robert R. Stitt



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National Cave and Karst Management Symposia

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January 1997


13th National Cave Management Symposium October 7-10,1997 Bellingham, VVashington and Chilliwack and Vancouver Island, BC, Canada: Contents: Role of the Epikarstic Zone in Temperate Rain Forest Management in Alaska / Tom Aley - Cathy Aley -- Application of a Karst Management Strategy: Two Case Studies from the Tongass National Forest, Southeastern Alaska and the Challenges of Implementation / James F. Baichtal -- Karst Landscapes and Associated Resources: A Resource Assessment / James F. Baichtal -- Karst Management in British Columbia / Bronwen Beedle -- Salmonid Populations in the Karst Landscape of North Prince of Wales Island, Southeast Alaska / Mason D. Bryant, Ph.D. - Douglas N. Swanston - Robert C. Wissmar - Brenda E. Wright -- Use of Dye Tracing and Recharge Area Delineation in Cave Protection and Conservation on Private Land / Gabrielle K. Call - Tom Aley - David L. Campbell - John Farr -- The Distribution of Troglobitic and Troglophilic Invertebrates in Southeast Alaska / Kent R. Carlson -- impacts on Invertebrate Cave Fauna in Forested Karst Ecosystems and Recommended Protection Measures in Forested Karst Areas of Tasmania / Arthur Clarke -- Entranceless and Nonproper Cave Management / Rane Curl , Ph.D. -- The Karst Waters Institute: Karst Science Serving Groundwater and Biological Resources / Rane Curl, Ph.D. - Ira Sasowsky, Ph.D. -- Protecting Stanton's Cave / Robert R. Currie - Jim Petterson -- Bat Usage of the Weymer Creek Cave Systems on Northern Vancouver Island, Canada / Trudy A. Chatwin - Martin Davis - David Nagorsen -- EPIK: Cartographic Method for Assessing the Vulnerability of Karst Aquifers for the Purpose of Delineating Protection Zones / Nathalie Doerflinger - Francois Zwhalen -- Heceta Island: An Example of Karst Management in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska / Kris Esterson -- Northern Vancouver Island Karst and Cave Tourism, Past and Present / Karen Griffiths -- Analogous Midsummer Maximum Daily Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Profiles From Sideslopes of a Northern Vancouver Island Sinkhole Before and After Clearcutting / Paul Griffiths -- Searching for Cave Entrances in Old-Growth Forests: An Overview of Ground-Based Methods Employed in North and Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia / Paul Griffiths -- The IUCN Guidelines for Cave and Karst Protection / Elery Hamilton-Smith -- Bat Interpretation by Infra-red Imagining at Naracoorte World Heritage Area, South Australia / Elery Hamilton-Smith - Brian Clark -- Monitoring Visitor Experience and Environmental Conditions at Jenolan Caves, New South Wales, Australia / Elery Hamilton-Smith -- Cave Softly ... And Leave No Trace / Val Hildreth-Werker - Jim C. Werker -- A Synthesis of New Cave Lighting Design Concepts Using Low Voltage Lighting Systems to Light Developed Caves / Rodney D. Horrocks -- Mountain Ladyslippers on White Ridge, Vancouver Island / Frank Hovenden - Betty Brooks -- The Great Leap Forward: Deforestation Ecological Disaster in the South China Karst Belt / Peter Huntoon, Ph.D. -- State Endangered Species Associated with the Spelean Environment / George N. Huppert, Ph.D. - Betty J. Wheeler -- BCI's North American Bat Conservation Partnership: Cooperation Aid for Bat Cave Management / Jim Kennedy -- Management Concerns in the Development of Rock Climbing Recreation Areas in Caves / Larry King -- Development of a Conservation Agreement to Protect Cave Invertebrates and Obviate Listing as Endangered Species in Bexar County, Texas / Kenneth J. Kingsley -- Cave Maps as Geographical Information System: An Example from Oregon Caves National Monument / Steve Knutson -- The Nature Conservancy at work in the Indiana Karst: The Bioinventory of the Subterranean Fauna of the Blue River Bioreserve / Julian J. Lewis - F. Allen Pursell -- The Tongass Cave Project / Stephen W. Lewis -- Roosting and Hibernal Ecology of Bats in Southeast Alaska's Karstlands / Stephen W. Lewis -- Conservation of Cave Roosting Bats at a North Florida State Park / Mark Ludlow - Jeff Gore -- Advances in GPS Receivers for Locations in Densely Forested and HIlly Terrain / John T.M. Lyles -- Conservation Practices for the Improvement of Water Quality of the Mammoth Cave Karst Aquifer / Joe Meiman - Chris Groves -- Surface Developments Above Wind Cave: Studying the Impacts / Jim Nepstad -- Christmas Tree Cave Bat Gating Project, Mt. Adams Ranger District / Jim Nieland - David Anderson - Chandra Madrona -- The Human Nature of Caving and Cave Conservation at Mammoth Cave National Park / Rick Olson -- Cave Entrance Management: Principles and Practice at Mammoth Cave National Park / Rick Olson - John Fry - Joe Meiman - Bob Ward - Scott Henrickson - Jeff Bradybaugh -- SpeleoMeshing: A Technique for High Definition Cave Surveys / Greg Passmore -- Conservation Restoration Efforts in the Caves of Carlsbad Caverns National Park / Dale Pate -- Conservation Challenges: Restoration of the Caves of Central Oregon / Garry Petrie -- A New Map for Carlsbad Caverns / Jason M. Richards -- An inventory of Caves and Related Karst Features in the Canadian Rockies, with Management Recommendations / Jonathan Rollins -- Biotic Carrying Capacity at Oregon Caves / John Roth -- Methods for Monitoring Large Colonies of Mexican Free-Tailed Bats / Bill Route - Tom Bemis - David Roemer - Val Hildreth-Werker - Jim Werker -- Cave Conservation and Management on the World Wide Web: Part II / Robert R. Stitt -- Digital Cave/Karst Potential Mapping in Northern Vancouver Island: A Strategic Forestry Planning Tool / Tim Stokes - Nick Massey - Paul Griffiths -- Restoration, Trail Designation and Microbial Preservation in Lechuguilla Cave / Jim Werker - Val Hildreth-Werker -- National Cave Survey Data Collection Standards / Mike Yocum - Mike Wiles -- Project Underground / Margot Geisler - Carol Zokaites -- Oil and Gas Drilling in Cave and Karst Areas: A Process of Mitigating Impacts / James R. Goodbar -- Chiliwack Valley Field Trip Guide / Pat Shaw -- Northern Vancouver Island Field Trip / Paul Griffiths. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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