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National Cave & Karst Management Symposia; NCKMS


Debra L. Foster



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National Cave and Karst Management Symposia

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January 1991


10th National cave management symposium proceedings, Bowling Green, Kentucky October 23-26, 1991Contents: The Importance of Partnerships in Resources Conservation / Jeff Bradybaugh -- The Evolving Relationship Between Mammoth Cave National Park and its Hydrogeological Symbionts / E. Calvin Alexander, Jr. -- Karst Management Through Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances / Percy H. Dougherty -- Developing Urban Nonpoint Source Management Plans in Karst Areas of South-Central Kentucky / Kent R. Taylor -- Environmental Effects of Acid Mine Drainage in Karst Terrain / Christopher G. Groves - Carol M. Wicks -- Water Quality Impacts of Agriculture on Karst Conduit Waters, Greenbrier County, WV / Gary C. Pasquarelli - Douglas C. Boyer -- Hydrologic Fownet Mapping and Karst-Conduit Detection Using the Natural Electric Field / Arthur C. Lange -- Development of a Flow-Through Filter Fluorometer For Use in Quantitative Dye Tracing at Mammoth Cave National Park / Martin Ryan -- The Effects of Recharge Basin Land-Use Practices on Water Quality at Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky / Joe Meiman -- Delineation and Hazard Area Mapping of Areas Contributing to Significant Caves / Tom Aley - Cathy Aley -- Natural and Cultural Landscape Interactions in the Karst of Batuan, Bohol, The Philippines / Philip Reeder -- It's an Open and Shut Case: Plugging Artificial Entrances at Onondaga Cave State Park / Eugene Vale - Ronald Jones -- Analysis of Survey Methodology in a Hawaiian Lava Tube / Darrel T. Tanaka -- Management Considerations for Clay Vermiculations / Roy A. Jameson -- Pre-Development Studies at Kartchner Caverns / R.H. Buecher -- Prelimiary Investigation of the Hydrology and Hydrogeochemistry at Timpanogos Cave National Monument, Utah, and its Implications for Cave Management / Michael Tranel, Alan Mayo, Ph.D., R.G. - Thomas M. Jensen -- A Profile of the Butler Cave Conservation Society, Inc. / Fred L. Wefer -- Peter Piper Mapped a Cave in "Pickle Park" / Pam Saberton -- Management of the Karst Areas Within the Ketchikan Area of the Tongass National Forest, Southeastern Alaska / James F. Baichtal -- Oregon Cave Tour Standards, 1989-1991 / John E. Roth -- Management of Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico / Ronal C. Kerbo -- Cave Management in Hawaii / William R. Halliday, M.D. -- Blasting for Conservation: The Ethics of Blasting and Digging In Caves / John M. Wilson -- An Inventory System for Large Cave Systems / Jim Nepstad -- Applications of a Geographic Information System to the Management of Great Saltpetre Cave, Rockcastle County, Kentucky / Gary A. O'Dell -- Image Database: A Resource and Information Management Tool for Tomorrow's Technology / W. Gerry Estes -- Using Cave Registers to Further the Understanding of the Human Effect on Caves / John M. Wilson -- Using the NSS Reward to Deter Cave Vandalism / John M. Wilson -- Cave Management by Prescription, An Alternative to Classification Systems / L.H. Mullins -- Legal Brief / Robert B. Stitt -- Cave Wilderness Designation in America: A New Action Proposal / William R. Halliday, M.D. -- Cave Radiation / Tom Aley -- Petroglyphs and Pictographs in Caves and Rock Shelters: A Missouri Perspective / Carol Diaz-Granados -- The Looting of a Cherokee Burial Cave: The Lake Hole ARPA Case / Quentin Bass -- The Problems of Owning an Archaeological Site: An Example from Savage Cave / Ken Carstens -- Prehistoric Graffiti and Self-Expression: Examples from teh Central Kentucky Karst / Philip J. DiBlasi -- Managing Kentucky's Caves: A Cultural Resource Perspective / Jan Marie Hemberger -- Cave Fauna Conservation in Texas / William R. Elliot, Ph.D. -- The Effects of Cave Visitation on Terrestrial Cave Arthropods / Kent R. Carlson -- The Effects of Cave Restoration on Some Aquatic Cave Communities in the Central Kentucky Karst / Julian J. Lewis, Ph.D. -- Status of Endangered Bats in the Eastern United States / Michael J. Harvey -- Design Improvements for Gating Bat Caves / Roy Powers, Jr. -- Cave Gates: Design and Construction Considerations / Jim Hathorn -- Responses of Winter Populations of the Federal Endangered Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis) to Cave Gating in Kentucky / John MacGregor -- Revised System for Management of Civil Liability for Cave Related Injury / Joel Stevnson, Esq. -- Management of Government Owned Caves With and Emphasis on the Federal Cave Resources Protection Act / Jerry Trout -- The Significance of a Cave / Robert R. Stitt. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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