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National Cave & Karst Management Symposia; NCKMS



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January 1984


National cave management symposium proceedings, Rolla, Missouri, 1984Contents: The National Cave Management Committee: A Proposal for Formalization / George Huppert - Jer Thornton -- Cave Conservation Efforts in Illinois / K. Andrew West - James D. Gardner -- The Federal Cave Resources Protection Act / Jay Thornton -- The Missouri Cave Catalog: A Catalyst for Discovery, A tool for Management, and an Incentive for Cave Conservation / Jerry D. Vineyard - Tami L. Martin -- The Microcomputer as a Management Tool: With Emphasis on Cave Management / Rob Stitt -- A Computerized Cave Management Information System / Roger W. Brucker -- Formulation of a Management Action Plan for Fitton Cave, Arkansas / Steve Chaney -- Cave Management on the Mark Twain National Forest / William L. Kickbusch -- Cave Maps as Management Tools / R. Scott House -- Federal Wild Cave Resource Management: An Overview of Recent Developments (abstract only) / Jer Thorton -- Effects of Land Management on Cave and Water Resources, Dry Medicine Lodge Creek Basin, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming / Tom Aley - Cathy Aley -- Hydrogeologic Aspects of the November 1981 Liquid Fertilizer Pipeline Break on Groundwater in the Maramec Spring Recharge Area, Phelps County, Missouri / James E. Vandike -- The Application of Dye Tracing to the Protection of Cave Environments (abstract only) / James F. Quinlan -- Cave Management: A New Beginning at Wind Cave / Katherine M. Rohde -- Cave Management and the Military: An Example at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (abstract only) / Emily S. Brown - Charles M. Niquette -- Development of an Optimal Cave Gate for Protection of Endangered Cave-Dwelling Bats (abstract only) / Steven P. Christman -- Designing a Brochure for Your Cave (abstract only) / Gordon Smith -- Public Relations in Cave Management / Jay Jorden -- Cave Data Bases Revisited: 1984 / Jerry D. Vineyard -- Managing a Show Cave / Bob Bogart -- Cave Restoration Through the Use of Historical Photography (oral presentation only) / Ronal Kerbo -- Historical Inventory Before Clean-up (abstract only) / Tom Meador -- Cave Attractions and Their Place in the Travel Industry / Russel Campbell -- Endangered Bat Protection at Buffalo National River, Arkansas / Milford R. Fletcher -- Subterranean Contamination of Maramec Spring by Ammonium Nitrate and Urea Fertilizer and its Implication on Rare Cave Biota / Ronald Crunkilton -- Control of Exotic Plant Growth in Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico / Tom Aley - Cathy Aley - Russel Rhodes -- Invertebrate Fauna from Missouri Caves and Springs / James E. Gardner -- Cave Reconstruction / John Lambertz -- Aggressive Air Dissolution of Speleothems and Its Significance to Cave Exploration (oral presentation only) / Ronal Kerbo -- Caves and Canoes: Managing Cave Resources in a Recreational Park / Christopher M. White -- Cave Rescue: A Case History / Jeffrey N. Scott -- Developing a Local Cave Rescue Group (abstract only) / John C. Hempel -- The National Cave Rescue Commission, An Overview / Don Paquette -- A Pleistocene Cat in a Missouri Cave / James E. Vandike -- Development of a Non-Intrusive Population Survey Technique for Ozark and Virginia Big-Eared Bat Maternity Colonies / Fred Bagley - Judy Jacobs -- Taphonomic Research at Shield Trap Cave, Carbon County, Montana (abstract only) / James S. Oliver -- An Overview of the Efforts of theCave Conservancy of the Virginias and the American Cave Conservation Association to Raise Funds for Cave Conservastion and Management in the Richmond Area (Oral presentation only) / John Wilson -- Acquisition of Slussers Chapel Cave (oral presentation only) / Charles Maus -- Caves as Archaeological Sites: Scientific Potential and Management Needs (abstract only) / R. Bruce McMillan -- Paleontological Resources in Cave Environments / Russell Graham -- Preliminary Report on the Small Mammal Fauna of False Cougar Cave in the Pryor Mountains of Montana (abstract only) / Neal Woodman -- Cave Interpretation in British Columbia Parks (oral presentation only) / Phil Whitfield -- Underground Themes / Katherine M. Rohde -- Cave Management Philosophy Worldwide: A Comparison of United States Cave Management Versus Cave Management in Other Nations / Brother Nicholas Sullivan. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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