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National Cave & Karst Management Symposia; NCKMS



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National Cave and Karst Management Symposia

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January 1978


National cave management symposium proceedings, Carlsbad, New Mexico, 1978Contents: Selected Cave Management Situations in New York State / John E. Mylroie -- The Management of Caves Within the National Park Service / Roland H. Wauer -- Thoughts on Training / William R. Reeves -- Interpretive Development of Carlsbad Caverns / Clifford Stroud -- Seventy-Five Years at Wind Cave / Larry W. Frederick -- The National Park Service Cave Radiation Research and Monitoring Program / Keith A. Yarborough -- Bat Management in the United States / Thomas M. Lera - Sue Fortune -- State Legislation Concerning the Protection of Caves / George N. Huppert - Betty J. Wheeler -- Welcoming Remarks / Robert Deskins -- Theirs Not to Reason Why / G. Jay Gouge -- An Overview of Cave Management / Robert R. Stitt -- Current Problems in Cave Management / Roger W. Brucker -- Sinks, Stinks and Springs: A Summary of the Hydrogeology of the Mammoth Cave Region With Emphasis on Results and Applications of National Park Service-Sponsored Research / James F. Quinlan -- Hydrological Impacts of Urbanization in the Soluble Rock Lands of Greene County, Missouri / Tom Aley -- Karst Management in Urban Areas: Sinkhole Flooding in Bowling Green, Kentucky / Nicholas Crawford -- Aquatic Ecosystem and Management Problems in the Mammoth Cave Area / Julian J. Lewis -- A Conceptual Characterization of the Subsurface Movement of Toxic Chemicals in Soluble Rock Lands / Tom Aley - Danny Halterman -- Application of Kentucky Water Quality Regulations to Karst Waters / Robert W. Ware -- Environmental Regulations, Assistance and a Status Report on the Mammoth Cave Environmental Impact Statement / Ronald J. Mikulak -- Interpretive Training for Show Cave Personnel / Tom Aley - Cathy Aley -- Guide Training at Mammoth Cave National Park / Lewis D. Cutliff -- Interpretation at Mammoth Cave / Joe Wagoner -- Panel Discussion: Management Problems of Private Caves / W.T. Austin - Barbara Munson - David Cale - Wes Odle - Tim Anderson - Joe Waggoner - Clara Heidemann - Steve Fairchild - Richard C. Bell - Ron Burke - Vernon McDaniel -- The Size and Location of Saltpetre Mining Sites in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia / Merilyn Osterlund -- Management of Prehistoric Cultural Resources at Mammoth Cave National Park / Kenneth C. Carstens -- Cultural Resource Management at Russel Cave National Monument / David T. Clark -- The Recognition, Evaluation, and Management of Cave Bone Deposits / Ronald C. Wilson -- The Endangered Species Act and the Regulations Developed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Protect Endangered Species / Robert R. Currie -- The Status of the Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis) / John T. Brady -- The Survival of the Endangered Gray Bat (Myotis grisescens), a Continuing Drama / Alan Rabinowitz -- The Future of Cave Management in Relation to Bat Conservation / Alan Rabinowitz -- The Endangered Kentucky Blind Cave Shrimp / Edward A. Lisowski -- The Hart's Tongue Farm: An Endangered Plant in Cave Entrances / A. Murray Evans -- The Ecology of Hawaiian Lava Tubes / Francis G. Howarth -- The Missouri Cooperative Cave Inventory Project: A Biological Resource Survey / James E. Gardner - Treva L. Gardner -- Protection for Diamond Craters, Southeastern Oregon / Ellen Benedict - George Brown - Esther Gruber - Chad Bacon -- The Role of the Kentucky Nature Preserves Commission in Cave Management / Wayne C. Houtcooper -- Cave Management and Environmental Assessment Activities of the Tennessee Valley Authority's Regional Heritage Project / Patricia A. Fink -- A Management Approach to Perkins Cave, Virginia / Roy D. Powers, Jr. -- The Evolution of the Virginia Cave Commission / John Wilson - Robert W. Custard - Evelyn Bradshaw - Philip C. Lucas - John R. Holsinger -- High Adventure Underground: An Adventure Caving Program at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, Missouri / Scott W. Schulte -- Preservation, Development and Management of Caves and other Karst Features Within the Tennessee State Natural Areas System / Allen R. Coggins -- The Pettibone Karst: Birthplace of the National Speleological Society / A. Plante -- Management Techniques for Wilderness Caves / James R. Goodbar -- Is the Underground Wilderness Concept Practical? / J.B. "Buzz" Hummel -- Underground Wilderness / Robert B. Stitt -- Radiation Hazards in Caves / Robert T. Beckman -- Cave Restoration and Cave Management / Katherine Rohde -- The National Cave Rescue Commission / Lee Noon -- Cave Management Plans / J.B. "Buzz" Hummel -- The State of the Art in Management Planning: A Case for Caver Involvement / Geoffrey B. Middaugh -- Cave Laws of the United States / Evelyn Bradshaw. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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