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August 1982


Organizer: William R. Halliday -- Publication: Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology Published by the International Speleological Foundation (1993) Contents: Introduction -- Session I: Vulcanospeleology of the Pacific Northwest: Open Vertical Volcanic Conduits: A Preliminary Investigation of an Unusual Volcanic Cave Form, with Examples from Newberry Volcano and the Central High Cascades of Oregon / Craig E. Skinner 7 -- Speleoliferous Lava Flows Associated with the Brothers and Subsidiary Fault Zones of Central and Southeastern Oregon (abstract) / Ellen M. Benedict -- Caves of Mount St. Helens and the Impacts of the 1980 Eruptions / William R. Halliday -- Vulcanospeleology of the Lower Snake River Basin, Idaho / M. Frank Ireton -- The Catlin Gable Lava Tubes of West Portland, Oregon: Remnants of a Plio-Pleistocene Cave System / John Eliot Allen -- Session II: Vulcanospeleology in Hawaii: Processes of Development of Lava Tubes of Mauna Ulu, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii (abstract) / Donald W. Peterson -- Some Observations of Hawaiian Pit Craters and Relations to Lava Tubes / Gerard Favre -- The United Kingdom Expeditions to the Hawaiian Volcanoes / C. Wood -- Kaluaiki and Thurston Lava Tube: An Unrecognized Jameo System? / William R. Halliday -- Session III: Vulcanospeleology of the World -- On Lava Caves in Japan and Vicinity / Takanori Ogawa -- Lava Caves of Australia / J. A. Webb, E. B. Joyce, and N. C. Stevens -- Volcanokarst in the Culture and Landscape of Easter Island / Kevin Kiernan -- Volcanism and Caves of Mt. Etna: A Brief Report / Giuseppe M. Licitra -- Session IV: New Concepts in Vulcanospeleology -- The World's Longest Lava Caves / R. L. Crawford -- A Scientific Rationale for Vulcanospeleology / C. Wood -- Perplexing Features of Lava Tube Caves in Semi-Arid Regions of the Western United States / Charles V. Larson -- Lava Stalactites: Terminology, Shape, and Possible Origins / Russell Harter -- Formation of Lava Caves in Japan and Korea / Takashi Ohsako -- Essay on Genetic Classification of Volcanic Caves / Giuseppe M. Licitra -- Conservation of Lava Caves: Examples from Australia / E. B. Joyce and J. A. Webb -- Conservation of Hawaii's Speleological Resources / Francis G. Howarth and Fred D. Stone -- Addendum: Selected Papers on Biovulcanospeleology Presented during the 1982 National Speleological Society Annual Meeting, Bend, Oregon, USA -- Biota of Volcanic Caves: An Introduction / R. L. Crawford -- Eruptive Impacts of Mount St. Helens on Local Bat Populations / Mark Perkins. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


Ainanhou Ranch Cave (Hawaii, United States), Ana Hotu Matu (Easter Island, Chile), Ana o Keke (Easter Island, Chile), Ape Cave (Washington, United States), Apua Cave (Hawaii, United States), Armchair Shaft (Victoria, Australia), Banba Ana (Japan), Bandera Crater Tube (New Mexico, United States), Barker's Cave (McBride Province, Queensland, Australia), Barneys Cave (Washington, United States), Bat Cave (Washington, United States), Beaver Cave (Washington, United States), Big Trench Cave System (Washington, United States), Bilemot Kul (Cheju Island, South Korea), Blair Cave (Hawaii, United States), Boy Scout Cave (Idaho, United States), Breakdown Cave (Washington, United States), Catlin Gabel Lava Tube (Oregon, United States), Cave Basalt Lava Flow (Washington, United States), Church Cave (Victoria, Australia), Derrick Cave (Oregon, United States), Flow Cave (Washington, United States), Gothic Cave (Victoria, Australia), Gremlin Cave (Washington, United States), Grotta dei Tre Livelli (Sicily, Italy), Grotta del Lamponi (Sicily, Italy), Grotta dell'Intraleo (Sicily, Italy), Grotta delle Palombe (Sicily, Italy), Hachijou Fuketsu (Japan), Haka-Rongo-Manu (Easter Island, Chile), Holy Jump Lava Cave (Main Range Province, Queensland, Australia), Hopeless Cave (Washington, United States), Horse Cave (Deschutes County, Oregon, United States), Hundle Kul Lava Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Insect Cave (Victoria, Australia), John Martin's Lava Tube (Hawaii, United States), Kana-A Cave (Arizona, United States), Karumizu Fuketsu (Japan), Kaumana Cave (Hawaii, United States), Kazumura Lava Tube (Hawaii, United States), Lake Cave (Washington, United States), Little Belknap Crater Cave System (Linn County, Oregon, United States), Little People's Cave (Washington, United States), Little Red River Cave (Washington, United States), Lost Blowing Hole Cave (Oregon, United States), Mauna Ulu Crater (Hawaii, United States), Megane Ana (Japan), Mine Tunnel (Washington, United States), Mitsuike Ana (Japan), Motosu Fuketsu No. 1 (Japan), Mt. Hamilton Cave (Victoria, Australia), Mujina Ana Lava Cave (Japan), Northwest Hornito (Siciliy, Italy), Ole's Cave (Washington, United States), Parwan Cave (Australia), Porndon Arch Cave (Victoria, Australia), Pozzo di Monte Silvestri Inferiore (Sicily, Italy), Raakau (Easter Island, Chile), Rattlesnake Cave No. 2 (Oregon, United States), Raven Pit Cave (Oregon, United States), Sand Mountain Chimneys (Linn County, Oregon, United States), Santiam Pit (Linn County, Oregon, United States), Sausage Cave (Victoria, Australia), Shyoiko Fuketsu No. 1 (Japan), Skipton Cave (Victoria, Australia), Smith's Pit (Deschutes County, Oregon, United States), Sochon Kul (Cheju Island, South Korea), Spatter Cone Cave (Oregon, United States), Spider Cave (Washington, United States), Susan Kul (Cheju Island, South Korea), Tee-Maze Cave System (Lincoln County, Idaho, United States), The Ice Wells (Idaho, United States), The Shaft (Victoria, Australia), The Turk (Victoria, Australia), Thunder Cave (Oregon, United States), Thurston Lava Tube (Hawaii, United States), Tunnel Cave (Victoria, Australia), Upper McKenzie Pits (Linn County, Oregon, United States), Wahul Kul (Cheju Island, South Korea), Wood Valley Pit Crater (Hawaii, United States), Zinza Fuketsu No. 1 (Japan), Zinza Fuketsu No. 3 (Japan)


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